Monday, June 30, 2008


Hey good people! So, I used to have my blogger account under one email address and my gMail account under another and since, in the end, all media moguls merge into one, I've gotten sick of switching back and forth between two email addresses. Instead of fighting the system (the gMan), I decided to just make a new blog. And it's perttier. Tada!

I also succumbed to another supposedly nasty internet vice... (ominous drumroll) ...Facebook. I know! I think I'm some sort of anti-establishment rebel, but I'm not. I'm a steak-loving vegetarian, a gym-crazy couch potato, and an anti-Facebook friend requester. Ah well.

Despite this sigh-worthy development, other great things are happening. A weekend in Cape Cod with a gaggle of fabulous friends was just the thing I needed after a really trying month of professional, emotional and spiritual ups and downs. Life is coming together again, though. I'm now working with a brilliant agent (yay!) on revisions to my first YA novel manuscript (yay! yay!) and things are really looking good (yay thrice!). I'm applying for a transfer from my current soul sucking grad program to another one within the city that would more suit my needs...and yes, I'm still applying for American Gladiators.


Anyways, welcome again. Perhaps now that my background is really pretty, I'll update more. Cheers!


ju said...

make youw own choiwses

Nat Attack said...

Yay! All in one place!