Friday, July 11, 2008

"Train of thought derailed in fiery crash! News at eleven..."

It's been said that writers are the most accomplished procrastinators in the world, hands down. And let me tell you, mister, that is so incredibly true. I just...


Okay, sorry, I'm back. I got distracted.

ping click

No, now I'm back, I swear. I just had to check my e-mail. Anyways, I was saying...

click ping click

Oh, my gosh, did you know that Olivia Newton John got married? Fancy that. Just saw it on Cool. Anyways, writing is difficult because...

click ping ping click click

I'm sorry, I just got a notification that Lisa Hatfield, my BFF in first grade, just joined facebook! How cool. I'll bet we have tons of stuff to post on each other's walls. So, like I was saying, writers will find ANY reason not to wri---

click clickity ping pong click

Hilarious. I love How would I ever know what Japan was doing in the robotics field without them? Okay, back to the blog. Writing is coming along, but it's a slow process when there's so many things to...

click clack paddy whack

Alright, dangit. Sorry, I'm just going to unplug my router for a second. I really have to get some serious work done.

text text text
text text text
text text text


Josh & Amber said...

Hi!!! Good to see you have another blog that you update! I'll keep checking in! Miss ya lots!!!
Love Amber

Judy and Bill said...

Oh yes.....Been there, done that!