Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Witty Title

Once upon a time, there was a handsome young prince who decided to go on roller coasters for his 27th birthday. For our Spanish readers, this story is titled "Preston y la Montana Rusa" or something like that.

The handsome Preston had a wife who liked roller coasters, too. Kinda.

They were surrounded by superhero friends wherever they went. Often, the prince would look really dashing around them while the princess's neck would swell to ginormous sizes. Maybe that was her own superpower.

After calling "Hawkgirl" by the moniker "Hotgirl" one too many times, the birthday prince decides to take refuge from his wife's huge neck. Into the phone booth, Preston!

But all turns out well, and they go on even more roller coasters, including one that shakes and makes you think you're all going to die and shaky, old, wooden, painful death.

Meanwhile, the princess bakes a big awesome fat brownie cake and sings the birthday electric for her birthday boy...nay, her birthday man.

But the birthday's not over yet! The royal peeps invite some other royal peeps to join them in another birthday day full of science-y fun! The dentist in training finally understands what all his professors have been talking about...

Yay! The soon to be Beantown-exodizer tries to pick up on some guy with a really hot bod...

An yet another fellow science teamer snickers at some lady's oversight. Hee hee! Forgot her skin!

All in all, a good day to be in the back of a convertible.

Or just to be in Boston altogether.

"Hey, this story was supposed to be about me!"

The End.


Hills' Angels said...

Ohhhh I totally suck again! Happy be-lated birthday el Presidante! It looks like you guys had a grand adventure. Where the heck is a Six Flags near you?

sachi said...

hug it out!!