Sunday, September 21, 2008

I will sew you socks then knock them off.

I'm not sure what this'll say about me as a person, but I'm pretty heavily influenced by anything awesome I see on TV. In fact, it's not just that I think it's awesome to watch, I want to BE it or DO it. Seeing is not enough! At 26, I guess I still think there's a chance I might become a virtuoso in any passing career that strikes my fancy. For example, when I'm watching Top Chef, I'll start buying weird spices and throwing them into dishes willy nilly. Watching the Olympics makes me want to go to the gym (yay!) but only for two weeks out of every four years (boo!). A brief, awesome music video I saw made me buy an accordion and well, you get the ADD-y picture. Lately, I've been watching Project Runway and last night, I found myself uttering those famous, fated words: "I want to learn how to sew."

I know Mom is probably shouting "I TOLD YOU SO!" and dancing on the grave of the old Singer, but it's true. I want to make my own stuff. I'm sick of going to Target and perusing the 70 percent off rack and STILL finding nothing I like. (Maybe I should jump up to the 50 off...NO, Target blasphemy.) I might as well start making my own clothes, right? I'll be a fierce hot mess. Soon it'll just be me and Tim Gunn, making cool dresses and fancy pants, selling all my best on etsy.

So, if anyone has an extra sewing machine to sell me, I'll gladly trade you a rack of weird spices, a gym membership or an accordion. Fashion Week, here I come!

"People, please don't enable her."


Nat Attack said...

First off -- your header graphic is darling. I digg.

Second, PR seriously blows my mind. HOW do those people do it? Being able to sew like that is pretty amazing. I got a sewing machine for my 16th bday and can still only hem. What what. I have my far-off adult life to learn how to sew, right? Riiiiight?!

Judy and Bill said...

I guarantee you the first time you spend 14 hours putting in a sleeve (putting it in, taking it out, putting it in, taking it out) you will rue the day you EVER thought of sewing! So, SNAP OUT OF IT! Surely, I jest!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Nat-- thanks so much! I'm pretty htmlame at editing my blog, so that was a lot of work. :) I get all covet-y over your mad skills.

Mom-- surely you know that my interest in sewing will not negate my impatience and interest in duct tape as a last resort! Erg...I'm losing steam already...

ju said...

Whatever you do, don't get rid of the accordian. We need it for our late night movie making.

I also think your blog header is fab. I recognize P-town because I've seen him wear that shirt upwards of 50 times, but I don't recognize you because I've never seen that outfit. Therefore, it must not be you.

sachi said...

i may be cross-genre hopping here, but i love that your political views on facebook are 'browncoats.' anyway i can sew cuz i used to for rich kids in college but i hates it, and i was just today thinking how i learned on doll clothes when i was little, and i was like why did barbie need so many clothes, and then i answered myself well she couldn't go around in the same old thing! anyway those tiny crotches of the doll jeans were the hardest, and i was always so thrilled to find a scrap of denim to make it more authentic, but damn was denim a bitch to sew. that concludes this filthy mouthed ramble down memory lane. in conclusion, sewing sucks, unless you are good at driving, which it basically is (there's a peddle and you have to steer). by hand it can be relaxing to do in bed though. best of luck! to the batlivejournal, go!