Friday, September 5, 2008

Joy joy!


The second major set of revisions on my book are done, at least for the next few days. I am the picture of contentment and joy. For all of you who I have ignored over the past few weeks, I'm so sorry. I'm totally getting back to you now.

So I already posted this on Stupid Whales but I have to post it again, just because of how much I laugh every time I see it. Oh Batman, you rascal.


Judy and Bill said...

I had the same feeling at times whenever I tried talking to my teenage daughters! Funny now....not so funny then.

Josh & Amber said...

lol that is hilarious! That just made my night! Oh man what a good video! How are you? We miss you! Need to get together again for a girls night!!! Loves! Hope all is well!
Jarvis Family