Friday, October 24, 2008

The Naming of Names

So, Jendar and I have always had a thing about names. I think it's a fair dinkum thing to say that most girls and or fellas with any inclination to have babies at some time in their life have thought about what to name them. And they have at least 3 Baby Name books on their bookshelf. Wait, is that just me? Aaawwwkkward...

I like being a writer because I get to name things without actually having them come out of me. I like the name Steve, therefore my new hero will be named Steve! Adelaide is a pretty name, let's make her the centaur. Jupes is a rather jaunty one, he will be the fairy sidekick. See? Fun for all ages.

However, there is one name I'm reserving for my own flesh and blood and that's JACK. I love the name Jack. I've successfully fought off 5 sets of married, kid-making siblings to preserve that name for my future kid. And, like I said, now there's only one roadblock remaining: the Jendar.

Jendar purports to have claim to that name and since we've planned to live next-door to each other sometime later on in life, there's no way we can both have a kid named Jack. Therefore, the race is on.

(On the phone a few nights ago)

Jendar: Don't do it. Don't you take my name before I can use it.
Me: I'm going to. In fact, my first kid is going to be named Jack.
Jendar: You're being cruel.
Me: Yep. Jackson McJacksonson Criddle.
Jendar: Boy or girl?
Me: Doesn't matter. Meet its twin: Take-that Jenny Criddle.
Jendar: In that case, meet my first kid, Suck-it Kristi. Suck-it Kristi Rogers, you like that?
Me: Ha ha. Your kid sucks.

We'll see whose womb is the fastest AND fertiliest.
(Starring Paul Walker)


C.M. Cowen said...

So...I guess you don't want to hear that I named my iPhone Jack? Er...or that I name my phones? And my computer and the tree in the backyard...

K. Marie Criddle said...

Ha! Uh...that's pretty weird. In fact, it's so weird I'm going to blog about it on my laptop Snowball...and sing about it on my guitar Tacky...
(Hey! Don't we have twin Tacky guitars?)

Judy and Bill said...

Did I ever tell you that I tried my darnest to get everyone to call me "Jac" in 5th grade. You know, (J)udy) (A)nn (C)rook.....Ha! So you're going to name your first kiddo after me???? HA!

sachi said...
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