Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Shiny Tuesdays Strike Back

I've been thinking of shiny things to share all week and I think I've wrassled up a few. By no means are these all the shiniest things I've thought of this week, just the ones coming to my mind right now.

1. The Apple Store, the ever-loving Apple Store!

It had to happen sooner or later. After months of perching my laptop on the slim counter between the front room and the kitchen, the cat was bound to notice a prime opportunity to break something expensive. This week that "something" just so happened to be my brand (5 month old) new laptop and the result looked like something out of a technophile's slasher film. LCD shattered! Bits of Apple-y brains and guts everywhere! I rushed the little tyke to the Apple Store and lo and be-frigging-hold...they saved him. For free! What would have been a hefty heft hefty (wimpy wimpy wimpy) expense was waived, just because the guy at the Genius Bar had "a good weekend." Yaaaaay Apple! I am a forever fan. As my friend Amy says, Pass the Kool-aid!

2. The laptop smashing cat! (And other pets!)

Say what you will about cats in general but pets are awesome, especially mine. This is Flux, if you haven't met her, short for Father Superflux. She's the newest (3 months old?) addition to my Boston family, and the only one that doesn't know how to use the bathroom properly yet.

(She'll learn.)

3. Joe Pug

Music for the thoughtful and tunes for the tuned out. One such song running through my head all day has been Hymn #101, which you can listen to for free (schmee!) HERE. He's got the voice of an angel who's been mining copper and the face of a kid who sits behind you in science class and knows all the right answers. Beautiful words, lazy-in-the-shade melodies...you won't be disappointed, I promise. That is, unless you don't like it. Then you might. Sheesh, I don't know. Music is so subjective nowadays.

As is SHINY! Now go have your own Shiny Tuesday.


Judy and Bill said...

Tuesdays are shiny because of your blogs! Keep'em coming!

Hills' Angels said...

Hey I've never seen your cat/soul sucker. She's actually REALLY cute. I love the name too! It always seems like you get really cool cats that actually have a personality. Remember Mooshee?? I bet ya Flux is Mooshee reincarnated and she knocked over your laptop to get you back for not opening the door for her when she was dangling from the top window frame. Yahhh, that's it... Can I write any more for my comment. I think I probably could but I'll stop now...no, now. Ok now. :)(Had to do it!)

K. Marie Criddle said...

Oh my gosh...I swear that Flux IS Moushi. Except for the running up your pant leg part. But we totally play tag, just like Moushi did.