Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Shiny Tuesdays 2.0!

It's another Shiny Tuesday! ("Oh, but Marie!" you say, "You don't understand! You can only have a blog theme if you actually post in between posts! And you know that you're horrible with any sort of blog regularity. Why do this to yourself?" And to that, I say...)

Shiny Tuesdays, suckas! Besides, Beth requested one and I always defer to my big sissy.

1. A lot of you know that I'm obsessed with competition reality shows. Project Runway, American Gladiators, you name it and I'll admit it: I LOVE it. Unfortunately, as much as I may try, I will most likely never be a runway ready seamstress, a 5'11 21-year old model, or a large, bearded man named Wolf. But I AM a writer. And I think I have a chance on season two of this: Top Writer! SHINY! Hilarious! I don't know who half of those writers are! Still, exciting. Perhaps I really will meet Mr. Gunn sometime in this life...

Don't "auf" me, Heidi!

2. Preston and I spent last Friday in the good company of a fine friend in Salem, the honorable Ms. Karen G. She's a history super-buff, a park service employee and knowledgeable in all things Salem-esque. Salem was/is an amazing place! It's sad that it gets such a weird rap (wrap? sarong.) over the whole witch-trial thing. Hey, the trials and hangings didn't even happen in Salem! It was in Danvers! The whole Friday was enlightening and bubble bursting (in a good way) and when anyone comes out to visit me, I'm taking them straight to Salem. I was going to post a link to a website that has lots of interesting information about the real Salem, but it's not as shiny as I'd like it to be. So here's a picture:

She hath fallen, m'lord, and proceedeth not to possess the ability to rise once more.

3. Um, did you know iPhones come in purple now? Excuse me, it's the phone formerly known as iPhone. Gimme gimme gimme said the little stream.

I hope it plays "1999".

Anyways, that's it. Have a shiny Tuesday, all y'alls!


C.M. Cowen said...

My iPhone is strangely attracted the Purple One. Weird. It doesn't even like short phones.

"Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called...life!"

licenedtotouch said...

I must admit, I also like Shiney Tuesdays. Keep 'em comin'.

Judy and Bill said...

My Tuesday wasn't nearly "shiney" enough. I'll try again next week!

Hills' Angels said...

Oh, thank goodness. Thank you for fufilling the request. Love 'em.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Ahhh...thanks, guys! May your Tuesdays be constantly shiny.