Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Shiny things today: Voting! The right to vote! Women that can vote! Vote!

So Preston and I went to Philadelphia last summer. At one of the museums, they had a line of kiosks set up with dates above them: 1790, 1810, 1856 and so on and so forth. At each kiosk, you answered yes or not to a series of questions: Are you over 18? Are you male? Are you white? Do you own land? etc. Press enter and BING "You are allowed to vote!" or "You are not allowed to vote yet." depending on the answers. Preston answered all the questions and from the very first kiosk, he was allowed to vote. It took me FOUR kiosks (more specifically, the 1920 one) to get the go ahead. (Preston thought it was funny to keep trying each one, see if he would get denied. "You could vote from the beginning!" I would say. "Go away!")

Anyways, I won't get too didactic, but I think of all the people, the brave and proud people that have gone before our generation and I'm wildly, shinyingly grateful for the part we can all play in this democratic process. It's a right that we've fought long and hard for, kiosk after kiosk. So take advantage of it! Vote! It doesn't matter for who (China's gonna take over in two years anyway) just get out there and VOTE!

UPDATE! I found this through a wonder-wonderful blog...it made me cry. I'm so happy. Look at those kids. Left or right, whatever, we're all one big happy country. Our future is safe.

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ju said...

so this was basically a cut on me, wasn't it?


K. Marie Criddle said...

No, no! Well, yes. A bit. No really, I just thought you were Canadian.

Judy and Bill said...

Yes, I like to think that I would have been one of those women who protested, carried signs, layed down in the street and generally made life miserable for the men in my life! Ha! Just call me Carrie Nation!

Judy and Bill said...

oops! Pardon me, but I was mistaken....Carrie Nation was the leader of the temperence movement and died in 1911....It was Susan B. Anthony who led the Women's Right to Vote!

C.M. Cowen said...

I voted! Early even... I've been watching the coverage and it just drives me crazy when they call the state for a candidate when there's 1% of votes counted.

Katrina said...

Loved the video clip! And those costumes in the clip below are so awesome!! Fun, Fun!!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Mom - Carrie Nation! I thought you were talking about OUR Carrie and I'm like...wow, she's considered a nation now? Cool!
Christine - I know! There was a time where New Mexico was blue, but it was 60 percent McCain, but 0% of the precincts were reporting. And I'm like, whatever CNN.
Katrina - Thanks! Those kids made me so happy. :) Happy voting day, all!

Katrina said...

Marie - Happy B-day today!! Hope you have a great one!!