Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Poky Little Puppy

(pant pant pant)
I'm back!
(pant pant pant)
Miss me?
Ah well. Here I am, the Poky Little Puppy of blogging. I thought I was doing so good for a while, what with those shiny Tuesdays and all that...and pictures! The gold nuggets of blogs, those pictures that say a thousand words when your undiagnosed Adult ADD won't let you read a thousand wor...hey, what's that shiny thing?

At any rate, I'm back, sorta. Let me ease into this.

In the interim (I actually used that phrase in a professional email I sent this morning. How awesome is that?) please enjoy Rob Beschizza's sinister reading of "The Poky Little Puppy". Same text, creepy voice, and a whole new view of a childhood classic. The best part? "I SMELL something," the Poky Little Puppy said. Listen for it. Shiver-making.

Enjoy...kinda. (click on the link, the click on the scariest picture known to man. You'll see.)

A Sinister Reading of The Poky Little Puppy

Don't dig, puppies! Nooooo!!!!


licensed to touch said...

We've missed you here in blog-land. Welcome back! Just mind your Ps and Qs and leave the dirt under the fence where it belongs and we'll all get along juuuuuust fiiiine.

By the by, you know any really excellent drawring books that someone as inept at art as myself could benifit from? Just curious.

C.M. Cowen said...

That was the creepiest reading! Dan and I loved it!