Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter Ruts...rats...I mean ruts.

So I was on the phone with an awesome sister of mine the other day and we were mutually lamenting the lameness that is winter. I mean, yeah, snow, gray days and nipping at your nose is cute for a while, but it really grates on you come February (all those who disagree with me: you are wrong.) The lust for life is sputtering out, the things we once thought were wonderful are a bore or a chore or just make me snore. (More? Sure.)

But the great thing is that my sister Michelle is not one to gripe and moan about something just for the sake of griping and moaning about it. We start digging around for solutions: how do we defeat this beast that is the winter doldrums? Somehow we came up with the idea to do something that is clearly out of our comfort zone, but well within the zone of another. Therefore for me, it meant doing something like taking a dance class (much like the ones Michelle teaches) or for her, writing a story (much like the one I hammer out now and then) or something.

It's our homework now. By the end of the week, we have to report to each other about the something'er'other we participated in that was decidedly Michellian or K. Marieish.

So I think for me that means going to take a run in the blizzard (like Michelle would most likely do) or embarrassing myself in a ballet class at my gym, or...starting a high profile dance wear business. This might be a little tough. I think all Michelle will have to do is eat a pound of chocolate and watch the "Biggest Loser". That's what I did this morning!

Any suggestions? Anyone want to join me in momentarily being a different person, if only to confuse the shiz out of winter?


Cheryl and William said...

I would Marie, but we're having a literal HEAT WAVE here in Cali- its been 70 degrees with no rain (not good for the droughts). So, I've been trying to "pretend" like its colder so that I can wear all of the turtlenecks and coats that I love (and to help me not get sick of all my other clothes and spend a ton of money on new ones). I guess in that way its having me break out of my "normal" routine . . . sorry though that you are having to deal with such LOUSY weather! I've heard its been a bad winter.

BTW- on another note, I love how your comment says "You are Commenter, Hear You Roar"! Love it- I miss you Marie!!!

licensed to touch said...

Ya know, in spite of having a sunny winter I still get the winter blues. It comes on gradually and I never really notice that it's there until I see the first flowers of spring. Then my heart leaps with joy, as if I had never truly been happy until that moment. And that's why I love spring time and am glad I live where there is no snow; hence those soul nurishing flowers come a whole lot quicker.

Katrina said...

You & Michelle are so funny - I am excited to see what you do that is like each other! A friend of mine gets the "summer blues" here in AZ & cranks down the A/C so low that everyone needs a sweater at least once a summer for her personal winter day. Maybe you could have a "personal summer" day. Crank up the heat, buy an inflatable pool, get a tan from a candle, the possibilities are endless!!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Cheryl! A switcher for a better sweater day: brilliant! Send some of CA's heat our way. :)

Robin! I'm so looking forward to the strange tree outside my window that has inexplicably awesome purple blossoms to come alive. True, it almost makes winter worth it for that joy. (Almost.)

Katrina, you crack me up! I'm so getting a tan from a candle tomorrow. I'll post results.

Love you all!