Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buzz Wordyear...also, a drawing for free stuff!

Buzz words! Did you know if you put together the right amount of buzz words in your blog post, people will contact you and ask you to give away free stuff for them? It's true.

A rather nice lady over at at New Video Digital (the people that bring us such hits as Highlander on DVD for home, backyard, or side of a grain silo viewing) noticed that I've got a rabid love for all things Highlander, so much that I regularly try to brainwash kids at church with it. To reward me for my undying (get it? because he's immortal! COMEDY, people!) devotion to the series, they've offered to give one lucky person a FULL SEASON download on iTunes. That's right, 22 plus episodes of Adrian Paul in all his MacLeody glory, for FREEzzles.

So...go post something in the comment section and in one week's time (that's April 29th) I'll randomly draw someone as the winner. If you've never even seen Highlander, now might be a good time to start because come on, who doesn't like free stuff? I'd enter a contest for a free tuna sandwich if I could. Which brings me to my next point: I'm so not above bribery.

Come get your Highlander!

Now, for my next round of blog buzz words that will result in free stuff, ahem:

(And if it helps, yes, I've talked about all of these things with my church nursery kids, too.)


C.M. Cowen said...

Dude. I'm a teacher. We are all about the free stuff! Oh and sign me up for the unicorn, too. Especially if it comes with an Apple computer. ;-)

Cheryl and William said...

You have finally been recognized for your incredible writing and humor! And to think that such a great prize is involved- definitely sign me up to win that one! And I too might have to be start using all of the buzz words like Android phone, macbook pro, and murder she wrote :-)

gbulson said...

There can be only one winner. Don't make me decapitate the other readers of your blog.

Free Ice Cream said...

I am to late!!!.....Sniff Sniff.