Wednesday, April 15, 2009

When you know the notes to sing

I know, I know. Flash mobs are nothing new, social experiments have been done to death and everyone who's anyone has done a spontaneous musical at one time in their lives.

But can you get more heartwarming than this?

I submit that you cannot. It's the most adorable social experiment ever.

I asked Preston what we would do if we were rushing for a train to Paris and we saw something like this happening in the station. Would he stop with me and watch? Or would sensibility prevail and we'd hurry along on to catch our ride?

I like to think we'd stop.

...but I REALLY hate missing trains.


licensed to touch said...
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licensed to touch said...

I think the bigger question is, not would you stop to watch, but would you jump in and try to follow their choriography; like the guy in the suit doing the Macarena? I like to think I'd stop to watch, but I'm sure you'd be right in the middle doing your best to mess everyone else up ;-)

Nat Attack said...

YES! I watched this twice a few days ago and passed it along. LOVE it.

I decided if MY life can't be a musical, I'm more than happy to witness someone ELSE's life being a musical.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Robin, you know how that would end up. I'd jump in, trip over a cord and the entire production would tumble down like dominoes. I'd break a dozen legs at least, including my own and yours too if you're dancing with me...which you know you would be.

And Nat, I'm coming up with a song I can spontaneously sing next time I see you. :)