Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Naming of Names, Part Deux (now with more Cutestory)

For those even just mildly interested:
The Naming of Names, Part One


Queen 'Bina said...

What happened to Jack?? You could name a girl Jack. YOU were called Jack for an entire semester by a good portion of your college classmates. Plus it would be a great way to cheese-off Jenny.
(My word verification word was "ultirstu" what the...?)

Matthew Delman said...

Jack is a perfectly valid name for a girl. It can be short for Jacqueline, Jackanape, Jacklyn, or Jaquith. See? I just gave you four names that "Jack" could derive from.

Although Chewbaccina is cool.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Ha! Robin, I totally forgot that I went by "Jack" for a while...those were good times. And Jack is good for a girl, true. I think the problem now is that Preston just doesn't want to go for it...he truly is set on Chewbaccina (I already used my veto on "Incisorette").

Bill Thompson said...

I tried to go by Jac for a while....It never clicked...Judy Ann Crook......I didn't mind my first name...It was the LAST name that got the teasing!

D. Antone said...

I'm new here so belated congrats! Yes, character names are SO fun to come up with. Your child's name, that can be stressful. As you've said, names have power.

My sister's name is Annette. Life in high school was very difficult for her, and I really think her name had something to do with it.

But you've got creativity on your side! Whatever you decide will be great, and your child will likely go down in history for some reason or another, with a name to match a legacy.

Natalie Whipple said...

Ah, names. Most of my character's names are ones my husband vetoed for our kids. Go figure.

I hated my name for a long time. I hated people calling me Nat as a kid. I went by Talie in high school.

Now I kind of like my name, finally. I don't even mind Nat so much anymore.

Queen 'Bina said...

Ya know, you could always fill out the birth certificate info while Preston is in the can, then stealthily hide it until you can smuggle it out. But then I've also known some devious husbands to rename their kid whatever they want during the blessing and then they had to go change the birth certificate. Aw, man! I guess there's no getting around it; you really should AGREE on a name first. Good luck with that.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Devious husbands! Ew, that's awful! Can you shout "I object" during a baby blessing?

I think we're pretty well set on a name, though. The trick, it seems, is hoping that she likes it 5-18 years down the road. It's true, school can be strange, weird and cruel (coming from someone who sported the various nicknames of "Krispy", "Krusty", "Kristoffticky" , "Kristi Yamaguchi" and so on...)

In retrospect, Kristi Yamaguchi was pretty cool.

Miss Lou said...

"Just hug her a lot now and the hate will go away..."

-Wise words by the Wise

Miss Lou said...

Hey! I want more Marie! What about writing an anticipated awkward dinner that turned out to be quite nice?

What about baby belly?! What about Flux in the crib? What about P without his ants?

Come on! Forget that you're about to burst...we want MORE!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Faaah. I can't hear you above the growing of my belly. Come out already, baby!!

KJCCLC said...

Keitha? Sounds great to me. Then it could be Keitha Jack. What great initials, KJC.
This was pointed out to me by CLC, what a great blog, and what great art.