Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little story, if that's your thing.

A Tale of One City,
Two People, a Baby, some Soup,
a Baseball, lots of Fireworks, Trapeze School,
one Fiesty Cat, some Indian Food, and an Overextended Title

One upon a time, a boy moved to Boston to be a dentist.

There wasn't much to do until school started,
so he passed the first few days
playing Civilization on his roommate's computer.

A week later, the boy met a girl outside the Harvard train station.
She was so stinking graceful.
On their first date, she spilled water on him three times.

She continued to spill water on him for a few months.
Then, being the mature and responsible adults that they were,
they decided to get hitched and start
an equally mature and responsible family.

It was a little harder than expected.

The years passed quickly, as good years are apt to do,
and they found themselves packing up
for another adventure far across the country.

And as the girl flew away with kid and cat in tow
to find a place for them to live in San Diego,
the boy packed everything up and waited for the moving van.

There wasn't much to do before it came,
so he passed the last few days
playing Civilization on his wife's computer.


Matthew Delman said...

D'awwwwww -- I'm going to miss you guys.

Victor and Camilla Broderick said...

WAAAAA! We thought of you guys yesterday while you were flying far, far away. Hope the cat survived. (And you, too) :(

Anonymous said...

Well, that's just great, Marie. I manage to eek thru the past few days without tearing up and now your lousy drawg has done me in. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

PS. Miss you already, but fortunately am far more responsible with digital corresponedence :|

Oh and yes, you're brilliant as always.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Aw, I love you guys. (Even you, "anonymous." Don't think that you'll ever hide.) Miss you all to bits. Little gooey bits.

Queen 'Bina said...

Well, now I have even less incentive to move to Boston. That's alright. It was a long shot anyway. Enjoy the sun and sand, baby! I'll look you up if ever I'm in the area.

Preston said...

Come on...Hawaiian shirts totally get chicks!

Natalie Whipple said...

I don't know where I've been, but I missed this. I'm slow. Or maybe I'm drowning in edits. Either way.

Hope things are going well! Flying with a baby AND a cat? You are far braver than I thought:P

Kristan said...

LOL so cute!! Good luck on the move!

McEuens said...

Great post! Welcome to San Diego!!

Jolee said...

So cute!!! Have fun in San Diego and I am totally going to come crash at your place sometime! :)

Anonymous said...

Diary of a China Girl

Day 1: 5 volumes of salty sweaty tear drops, swollen eyes, heartache

Day 2: 3 volumes of salty tear drops, swollen eyes, 6 bags of snot and heartache

Day 3: 2 volumes of salty tear drops, swollen eyes, 2 bags of snot and 89 recyclable tissues and one big red nose and a heartbreak


Katrina said...

Hope everything went well with your move to Sandy Eggo! Maybe we can get together sometimes when we go visit my dad. Hooray for the beach!! :)

Tina and Dan said...

Loved the story! And I LOVE San Diego! Enjoy the weather. It is supposed to have the best and most consistent weather year-round in the country...or so I hear...