Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"And on the handle of the door...was...THE HOOK!"

This is the book I'm talking about HERE. The more you know...MUA AH AH HA. (Knowledge, Halloween edition.) UPDATE: Scott Pilgrim's precious little bookstore was out of this particular edition. I updated the link to the anthologized edition that the lucky winner will be receiving. Same books! Freakier cover.

UPDATE: The numbers were lined up and scientifically picked by a baby. I would have filmed it, but then baby would have picked the camera as the winner. Unlike her mother, she is easily distracte---HEY WHATS THAT SHINY THING??

But I digress. Congratulations, L.T. Host!

You are the winner of a creepy book! (Maybe you can pawn it off on unsuspecting husband?) Send me your address at and I'll make sure you're reliving your childhood nightmares about Harold in a timely manner. Thanks to everyone who stopped by. In my book, you're all pretty scary.


Preston said...

Probably one of the scariest thing of record is the strange hairy guy at the beach. Unfortunately that guy is me. Hopefully my back hair will win this book!

Jessica Lemmon said...

Ohhhhhh, I'm IN! Mainly b/c I really really want that book. Seriously, I read ALL of those when I was young and I, too, love to be so scared I am too afraid to get up to pee.


I lived in an apartment some years ago. An apartment that I sort of inherited from my cousin. She moved out, and I moved in, taking over the lease.

She warned me of strange happenings but I ignored her warnings. Ghosts weren't real.

I did buy a Ouija board that year, convinced that Milton Bradley couldn't possibly make a portal to Hell AND Monopoly. I never played with it at my house, but the times I was on it, it DID in fact spell my name out. While I wasn't on it. I'm relatively sure my friend did not do this to me. She's still my BFF, always will be, even if she did lead the plastic do-hickey around and spell out my name.

One afternoon the hubs and I returned from shopping. I sat on the couch, the plastic bags next to me, and looked up at the television.

"Honey?" I called to him, "Why is there an 'N' drawn in the dust on the TV?"

He stepped from the kitchen and hovered in the doorway. "A what?"

"An 'N.'"

We got up to examine the dust mark. There, in the center of the TV was the letter N. I reached for it with a hand, and noticed it was more narrow than my finger tip.


I called two of my friends whose names began with N and asked if they'd played a little trick on me. They had no idea what I was talking about.

An 'N' on the TV wasn't the only thing, there were other spine-tingling, hair-raising, sweat-inducing "little things" that couldn't be explained there.

I did dust the TV. The N never returned.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Whoa. Jessica, uh, I'm sufficiently frigged out. Awesome! And incredibly creepy!

And Preston: you make things so "interesting." :)

L. T. Host said...

I have one! (I hate those books, btw. They are responsible for most of my nightmares as a child. Harold, seriously? That's the kind of story they thought little kids should be reading?)


My story is lame anyway, so I don't expect to win. I spent a night in our world-famous haunted hotel, the Hotel Del Coronado, recently.

Nothing happened. Didn't even get that creepy feeling from the place. It's just a really cool, historical hotel.

And yeah, that's really all I got. :(

L. T. Host said...

Sorry I'm lame.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Ha! Totally not lame at all! I didn't know Hotel Coronado was supposed to be haunted...and I'm sorry the ghosts didn't come out for you. :( I'll have to try and make myself shiver next time we drive by. (And the giveaway's totally random. If hairy back Preston can win, so can you. But then again, he can't win because he lives with me. But STILL.)

I will say, though, Alexander's Pizza right next to the HdC is frighteningly good. (See what I did there? Frighteningly? You saw.)

Steph! said...

I don't have a scary story, although some of my husband's holey old t- shirts have mysteriously disappeared over the last few years...

The stories in those books didn't really scare me (except for the one where the a spider lays its eggs on a girl's face and they hatch, *shiver*), but the illustrations gave me the creeps... I used to cover the pictures while I read the book!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Okay, so I was looking through the book again and DANG, you're right Steph! The stories are one thing but the illustrations are BEYOND scary. I remember them being creepy, but certainly not this bad.


Free Ice Cream said...

If I remember right Luke needed a scarf as his head was held up by skewers.

Anonymous said...

5 daughters were the most frightening thing I ever had to deal with! Anything else was a piece of cake! Guess who?????

Yvette said...

Oh, I remember Green Ribbon Girl at the Y. I also remember the Halloween where you dressed up as ME! Miss you muchisimo!

L. T. Host said...

Foist it off on the hubby I shall. Emailed back :) Thank you for tracking me down, I was foolish and forgot to check back.