Friday, April 8, 2011

"It's Friday, I'm [somewhere else]..."

If you're looking for me today, you'll find me over at the great and brilliant Natalie Whipple's blog for a guest post with the Happy Writer's Society! Every Friday she hosts a gathering at the Happy Writer's Society clubhouse. Go! Visit! Read every week! It's wonderful and inspiring...and she serves virtual cupcakes and cookies! (Even rainbow chip ones, I'm sure.)

Also, as long as I'm pimping out blogs, every Friday I post non-drawgy, writing related thoughts over at the Alliterati Archives! But stick around for L.T. Host on Mondays and Matt Delman on Wednesdays, too! We talk talk talk. Link link link. Talk talk talk.

In the meantime, I have to share this AMAZING video I found on tumblr the other day. I. Have. No. Words. (just kidding, I have a lot of them. TALK TALK TALK.)

Happy Friday, Funny Bunnies!


Kristan said...

How very cool! Thanks for sharing. I've never seen art like that. (I would be so tempted to take a kebab spear and run some lines/patterns through the paint.)

K. Marie Criddle said...

Kristan, me too! I would never have the patience to just let gravity work its wonders. I guess that's why it's so fascinating to me. :D

Peggy said...

Holy... wow. Wow. I mean, wow. That's mesmerizing! I wonder how long that took in real life. Hours, I bet!

But even more so, I wonder how long it takes to DRY. Do they have to super-heat the room to get all the layers underneath dry so that it doesn't stay squishy? Because beyond the patience it would take to make it, it would take so much more patience to not keep poking it to see if it's dry yet!

Taryn Tyler said...

That is fantastic! (or in the words of the twelve year old brother I showed it to "the epicest thing ever")

K. Marie Criddle said...

Peggy, I totally hear you. I've ruined many a corner of a painting by poking it. What paint do you think they use? Just regular house paint? I seriously want to try this out. AAARRRT PROOOOJECT.

And yes, Taryn's little brother, I agree. It is the epicest thing ever. I really like your vocab.

Keriann Greaney Martin said...

Awesome! And the best part is that we could probably do that on a smaller scale and it would still be awesome. I'm impressed none of them accidentally stepped in the paint. I probably would have, LOL.