Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Awards and Bats and Facts and Bat Facts

The blogosphere is a wonderful place full of amazing people and funny pictures of cats, amirite? Recently, I was given a nod by two awesome people , the great Keriann Greaney Martin (of Novel Beginnings fame) and Jenny Phresh (of The Party Pony fame) and given a blog award. Yaaaay! Thanks, guys! If you're a fan of hilarious and happy things, both Keri and Jenny's blog are the bomb diggity. Bomb diggity? Do people say that anymore? When I type my blogs, I verbally regress by at least ten years. Sorry.

Anyways, part of the blog award deal is that the recipient has to share 7 things about themselves and then pass the award along to a few others. As if my blog is not already a virtual armory of embarrassing things about myself, I present:

And I want to pass the love on to some FANTASTIC bloggers out there! This is, in no way, a comprehensive list (sorry for everyone I leave off!), but they are certainly rad and certainly deserving of the same love that I have for bats. Also, a plea: everyone else mentioned or not should do a "7 things about me" post too, because I'm just mildly voyeuristic like that.

Peggy of Peg-A-Leg: Quite possibly one of the kindest, coolest people I internet-ively know. And she's got a book that is for certain the NEXT BIG THING. Check her out so you can say "I knew her when!"

Adam of Author's Echo: Serious. You're probably already following him, right? RIGHT? A fellow writer/artist/geek, he blogs from the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD. Unless you're in Thailand. Then he blogs RIGHT NEXT DOOR.

Susan of Ink Spells: So much awesome going on with Susan! Writing, mom-ery and an awesome newsletter, she is a resource extravaganza for writing and more. And she likes llamas. LLAMAS, people!

Beth of Food to the Rescue: Okay, full disclosure...this is my sister. And fellow co-president of HOTH (the club we made up as kids). But she also blogs restaurant reviews and delicious recipes, so there! Seriously, find and make her French Silk Pie recipe. It is Death by Delight. Murderously Good. Serially Mouthwatering. She is the Dexter of my Tastebuds.

Oh gosh! So many more!! Are you sick of me yet? I can't stop! (This is why I should not type out my blogs!)

Visit writer Jenn Johansson!
And writer Anna Staniszewski!
And artist Victoria Rhodehouse!
And my awesome Sailor Venus friend Robin Ford!
And the ever erudite, always funny Kristan Hoffman!
And the rollicking riotous Abby Mumford!
And the hilarious librarianistas at YAwesome!
And San Diego writers Andrea, Lisa and Nikki of YAKnow!

Oh man, were if not illegal in California, I'd send every single one of you a cuddly bat.

Know of anyone else awesome I forgot? Because I KNOW I did. Leave it in the comments (and chide me later)!
(You can also leave facts about bats. I always welcome those.)


Kristan said...

Dood, Sailor Moon Halloween ranks among my top Halloweens, and I wasn't even there! Gotta love those Bishoujo Senshi!

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Yay! Thanks for the llama-licious cartoon and award! And now I know even more cool things about you. :)

p.s. micro-machines!!!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Kristan - Ha! You are TOTALLY invited if we do it again. I may need to let out my fuku...

Susan - Llama-licious! That is why I like you so. (P.S. do they even make MM anymore? I will totally chisel them off it I can sell them on ebay. :D )

abby mumford said...

you stol-a tha pepperoni? whata granda idea! (apparently blog awards brings out my terrible italian accent).

Peggy Eddleman said...

Hahaha! The mental image of walking on toe knuckles is making my brain gasp for air!

Deep breath. I'm sorry, what were you saying?

Oh, yeah! You gave me a blog award! Aw, Marie! When your blog posts speak to me, usually they don't speak TO ME quite so directly. This is a special kind of "speak to me." It makes me as warm and fuzzy as a bat's soft, clean fur.

And speaking of bats, did you know that a nursing little brown bat mother can eat more than her body weight nightly?!

I'm going to be jealous of that little fact as I try to think of 7 things about myself....

Adam Heine said...

Bomb. Friggin. Diggity.

I've had cars named Crissy, Frogger, and Grover. The problem with naming your cars, of course, is you feel like you murdered someone when one gets totaled.

That was not one of my 7 things. I will do that post because you plead (pled? plied?). Not right away, but I will do it.

Also, I bet you could get a cuddly bat through Thailand customs. Just saying.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Abby - you've now given me a great hankering to go play Mario Bros. I blame today's lack of productivity on you-a!

Peggy - And THAT'S why I love you so. Bat facts! I want to eat my weight in marshmallows and grapes!! (I guess that means I need to have another kid...hmmm.)

Adam - I'm willing to put Thailand customs to the test. Fruit or vampire?

Kristan said...

Aww, did Blogger eat all our comments? I was hoping those would get restored.

Well all I remember saying was that a Sailor Moon Halloween has to be tops in anyone's book, including mine, even if we weren't there. :P

Queen 'Bina said...

Did I ever tell you that an ex-boyfriend of mine pulled me aside at school that year and told me I was seriously so hot in that costume? True story. But you know, it's the girl that makes the clothes.

My oldest fell in love with Sailor Moon for about a year before he realized it wasn't manly.

My daughter's middle name is Rhae (pronounced Rae- as in Sailor Mars!) and if I'm ever insane enough to have another child, and it's a girl, I'll probably name her Wilhemina (It's a family name) and call her Sailor Venus, ahem... I mean, Mina. She'll be my mini-me, I'm sure.

And I'm going to write my 7 things about me NOW. But I might not publish it until wednesday.

Keriann Greaney Martin said...

YES!! I am totally, 100% ecstatic to be called "bomb diggity". It's still totally cool. How do I know? I am the emperor of all cool things and I said it is. So there.

Your Sailor Moon costume reminds me of something I could have put in my 7 things (except it would be uber embarrassing). I was obsessed with the Powerpuff Girls when I was in high school. Yes, high school. But they're kindergartners who SAVE THE WORLD BEFORE BEDTIME!!! How cute and awesome is that?? Bubbles was my favorite, of course.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Oh man! I just noticed blogger ate a lot of comments, including mine! Okay, then. Well played, blogger. Thank you all for stopping by whether now or before. I hope you guys all know how much I like you.

I'm serious.

It's much. Almost stalker level. Is that creepy? That's creepy. BLOGGER, DELETE THIS TOO.

Sigh. Never a glitch when you need it.

Jenni Wiltz said...

Oh my goodness, I've never heard anyone else mention the toe-walking thing! I can do it, too, and when I was little, my parents used to make me do it for Letterman's stupid pet tricks, but for children!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Jenni! No way! Are you kidding me? I've NEVER heard of anyone else doing this! Separated at birth, obviously. Alien twins. Our rubber toe knuckles are our only power.
Thanks for coming by!

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