Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A joint drawg gone incredibly wrong

So for the first few days in Japan, we were required by the Navy to attend classes that acquaint us with the surrounding area, culture, language, Navy services and whatnot. For the most part, it's REALLY interesting. And culture shock? Pssh. No such thing. Although we're in a completely different country, the support system here is AMAZING and they work hard to get you comfortable and moving around in the area. The first rule of living in Japan? (Besides do your job and don't be stupid so we have to send you back?) Get out and explore! I can totally get behind that.

However, we were subjected to a few classes that I could have done without. Financial planning, for one. Although I do well with my money, I have a hard time getting interested in what to do with it besides save and spend. I've been known to collapse in boredom at the mere mention of a 401k. So, while taking notes at this particular meeting, my dear husband notices I'm staring off into space.

"This must be killing you," he whispers. I opt to write out my response.


He takes up his own pen to reply:

He knows me so well.

And finds me funny, too. THANK GOODNESS.

Then the presenter starts calling on people to give answers about not only 401ks, but TSPs, MLACs and OMGWTHLOLBBQs.

Sweet husband just decides to put me out of my misery with a missile.

Not ready for that sweet release just yet, I draw myself with anti-missile dynamite. A sure defense!

Just so I know he means business, he adds another swoop to the missile's trajectory. THIS MEANS WAR.

I make the missile into a surfboard instead, complete with Stitch (from Lilo and Stitch...guess what my kid's been watching nonstop for two weeks?) saying something rather rude, were one to understand Stitchese.

Of course, surfing Stitches mean sharks, and lo and behold Jaws is upon us.

But wait! Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Schnieder are back with a bigger boat!

But they're no match for husband's answer to everything: MORE MISSILES! Watch out for Red October!

BUT WAIT! Red October is no match for SWEET NOVEMBER! The crappy movie that bored everyone to death! (sorry if you liked it! It's pretty WMOATy!)

BUT if we've sunk so low as to drop movie bombs, we must go one lower. Husband lands the great and mighty W-Bomb: THE WICKERMAN. Thus the game is over, everyone has croaked (or been punched by Nicholas Cage), and FINALLY...

...the financial planning class is OVER.

Sheesh, how do those people who collaborate on a book (or anything else creative for that matter) DO it? Everything we attempt to make together devolves into missiles and Nick Cage movies.



Matthew Delman said...

Awww ... the SRS BABY photo at the end of this makes the post.

And yes, Erin and I have done something similar sitting in boring classes together. Except no drawings.

Adam Heine said...

You just wait, Baby Princess. One day you'll be launching missiles at Nick Cage movies too.

This was awesome. Can you guys quit your jobs and just write this stuff and e-mail it to me every day or so? I'll pay you. I have 12 pennies.*

* That's a lie. I have no pennies, but I do have some shiny salungs that are worth like 83% of a penny.

Kristan said...

Lol ZOMG this is too cute! Now I want to make my boyfriend doodle with me. Unfortunately neither of us are particularly good at drawing...


beth said...


Jolee B. said...

You're my favorite, yet again! :) Love this! Me and some kid at church used to do this during sac mtg, where he would start a drawing, then I'd add to it. Only problem... he was an actual artist and I, well, you know... still, good times!

Rachel Brooks said...

LOL! Awesome post!

Also, I’m a new follower— wonderful blog! Stop by my blog and follow me too? :)

Keriann Greaney Martin said...

LOVE. You guys are too funny! I love how there was a counterattack for everything.

I wish I could draw ... *sigh*.

Kristine said...

Hahahahahahahahaha! I am still laughing!

Shanella said...

The talent on this page is awesome. I wish my bored doodles were as interesting as these! =D

linda said...

LOL this is so awesome! You guys are adorable!

Peggy Eddleman said...

I skipped exercising this morning. I felt bad about it until I read your post and laughed until I almost died! Seriously, my stomach muscles hurt so bad right now, I don't feel so bad about not exercising.

My husband and I both worked on the same team in technical support for a software company for the first few years after we were married. We took a college class together-- Software 101, in which we knew more than even the teacher. Our evenings were filled with joint drawings. It was the BEST CLASS EVER.

I'm excited for you that you're going out exploring! And possibly spending a few shiny pennies!

Jenny Phresh said...

Goll damn, you are funny. I love these drawings. All I can seem to draw are R-rated winkies with the heads of former Presidents. And sometimes potatoes with teeth and eyes.

K. Marie Criddle said...

Matt - Oh, we have notes without drawings too...just not as missile-y. :D SRS baby sez hi.

Adam - if the only thing I teach my daughter in life is how to adequately enjoy Nic Cage movies, my work is DONE. (okay, maybe not) And I'll always draw something for you, salungs or not!!

Kristan - Joint doodles are the best! You must promise to post your results... :D

Beth - heart heart heart you!

Jolee - hey, you certainly have a way of bringing out GREAT ideas in any artist! I'll bet those were awesome.

Rachel - Thanks so much! And I'll totally check it out. Yay fellow writers!

Keri - I have to say it was the extreme boredom that brought out *such* creativity. :D

Kristine - Thanks! It's all hubby, I swear.

Shanella - Thank you! When in doubt, add more missiles.

Linda - aw, thanks! My husband's getting a big head already, but I'll tell him someone thinks he's adorable. :D

Peggy - RAD! Taking an entire class with the love of your life? I'll bet those were AMAZING it!

Jenny - I read this comment in the middle of another class this morning and I snorted out my juice. I LOVE your drawings. And at least they're not winkies with eyes and teeth, right? OH NO I'VE GIVEN YOU IDEAS.

abby mumford said...

this is full of so much awesome, i had to wait until i could give it my proper attention. and now i have. and it is awesome!

hope all is well over there!

Jenny Phresh said...

Oh horrors, I have already drawn winkies with eyes and teeth! For sure, I am smited.

B/J Thompson said...

You are honestly my "comic relief" for the day! Love ya!

Stephanie Thornton said...

Okay, I'm late to the party, but this was stinking hilarious. I'm glad I wasn't in my classroom reading it--my students would have thought I'd lost it.

I think we need to send you and your husband to more financial planning classes so we can have more doodles!

Miss Lou said...

We miss you, Fam Bam! Busy here but thinking of you and sending 403b's your way to invade your 401K.

Then again, at least you didn't have to take ed equity classes for two days straight. Yes, 8-4. Sav could teach that class. Wish you and P were there to scribble w me.


mamie said...

oh how this makes me miss you. also, your girl is beautiful!

Hills' Angels said...

I love the way your mad lil' mind works.

Matthew MacNish said...

Hah! This is so awesome.

When I asked about what other blogs I should be following on my own blog yesterday, my friend Adam Heine suggested I come check out yours.

Now I'm here, and loving it, so I'm definitely becoming your newest follower.

Nice to meet you, K. Marie!

Queen 'Bina said...

Okay, so I've been out of the bolgosphere for a while. How did I miss this one?? I just laughed till I cried. *sigh* Thanks for that.