Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A typed out drawg for your reading pleasure

So...some of you may have noticed that the drawgs have been mildly sporadic as of late.

I've been doing the drawg thing for over two years now, having started just because my husband needed to use the computer when I wanted to blog. (Ah, the days of having only one computer in the house!) Since then, I've drawn over 50 blogs (including any guest posts that you might find floating around the interwebs) and lost a few more due to fickle computers. It can be pretty time consuming as opposed to a typed blog, but it's incredibly fun. I LOVE drawing and I enjoy writing and any combination of the two is just a barrel of quiggily giggles for me. (and if this were a drawg, there'd be a drawing of a barrel of quiggily giggles, which sounds weird now, but if you saw the drawing you'd totally know what I meant.)

However, since starting the 365 Days of Drawing challenge over at my art blog, drawgging has been lagging. And the CRAZY thing is that I feel strangely guilty when I want to type something out here, as if drawgging is the only reason this blog should exist. Which is wrong, right? There's more I can offer this world besides snarky unicorn drawings, YES?? (Don't answer that.) (okay, insert drawing of surly unicorn)

So please forgive the lack of surly unicorn drawings, at least for this week. If you're dying for silly sketches, you can always check out my quibblies here or my group art blog, Anthdrawlogy! If you're looking for a nice little random tumblr to follow, you can drop in on mine, too. I won't fight you, I promise. And writing? Well, we over at the Alliterati Archives will be able to tickle your brain come February 1st when we start up again.

You know, I'm not as open about my writing projects/successes and failures as a lot of my writing friends are and I apologize for that. Besides my crit groups (and the few people who read that interview I did that one time) not many know what I'm even working on. I guess I'm torn between not wanting to spoil the good news and wanting to whine about the bad news. So I do neither and end up drawing pictures of me "researching" just to cover it up. But if anyone has any specific questions, know that I'm more than willing to answer them! Even if it means doing so in a surly unicorn's voice. (insert yet another drawing of surly unicorn. I've got them in SPADES, people.)

In the meantime, my dear squirmy daughter is down for a nap (ha! Kidding. I just heard a scream.) which means I'm back to writing and making up excuses why I'm not at the gym. (Drawing of me shouting: It's snowing! The gym's broken! I just ate a cheesecake and it has to settle! Might look suspiciously like Cathy. Ack!!)

You guys are the best, and I really mean that. Thank you for your support and love and comments and virtual cookies. Communities are nothing without great people and we've got them in spades! (insert drawing of a spade and me admitting I really don't know what that idiom means)

(Okay fine. I'll do a real drawg next week.)


Adam Heine said...

I love kinda seeing your thought process of where the drawg pictures come from. Blog whatever you want. I'll read it.

Sarah W said...

I'm with Mr. Heine up there -- we'll read 'em if you got 'em.

Kristan Hoffman said...

Ditto what Heine said.

Ditto also not being very forthcoming about what I'm working on. For a variety of reasons. But I wouldn't worry about that. Honestly, that's not what I read writer blogs for anyway, so I figure that's not what anyone's reading my blog for either. :)

Susan Francino said...

*bestows virtual cookie*

I think it's kind of nice to read a blog by a writer who doesn't talk about the details of the writing/publishing process all the time. Sort of...refreshing and de-stressing. :)

K. Marie Criddle said...

Adam, Sarah and Kristan, thank you guys so much...it sounds silly, but it kind of takes a weight off my shoulders, you know? I appreciate the reassurance. And the same for all of you. I'm gonna read them if you got 'em! :D

And I agree with you too, Susan. Sometimes when I read too much about writing and publishing, I think it gets me down considering how far I have to go. I'm glad to be a modicum of de-stressing in someone's life. :)

Stephanie Thornton said...

Yep, I'll ready pretty much anything you post, drawg or not.

That said, I do love a surly unicorn. :)

K. Marie Criddle said...

Stephanie - who doesn't, really? No love for the surlies = no soul = no rainbow cupcakes at the mixers.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Marie, your brain fascinates me. [I'm gonna go ahead and speak for the group here ;)] Whether we get a glimpse inside via written blog post, drawg, email, novel, or any manner of artwork-- I'm pretty sure we're going to eat it up in any form you're willing to give it.

Post on!

Keriann Greaney Martin said...

I love whatever you post and am constantly amazed by your awesomeness. I'd feel like a creepy stalker, but then I remember that you actually talk to me! And that makes me feel all kinds of lucky. (OK, maybe that was a little creepy.)

Anyway - just hearing what's going on with you is all I need. Don't feel pressured to do a drawg every time. I can get my drawing fix at Brush Quibblies!

K. Marie Criddle said...

Peggy - I am so warm and fuzzy from your comment I don't even NEED this kerosene heater. Thank you! You are invited to my brain anytime as long as I get to come hang out in yours, too! (OH MY GOSH NEW BOOK IDEA LETS WRITE IT NOW)

Keri - YAY! We get to creepy stalk each other! (Because you just KNOW I do that to you too...never creepy, I swear!) Mua ha ha...I love yer guts, miss. So lucky to know you on and out of the interwebs!